The Advancing Early Childhood Education Alliance (AECEA) ibelieves that our most precious resource is our children and that we must help support Montana families and communities that are working to make life better for every child. We are a group of funders and nonprofit and government partners that is dedicated to shaping Montana’s future in the most positive ways — by providing proactive, strategic leadership and funding for collaborative, targeted projects that make a real difference at the most critical times in a child’s life. Bringing together other funders, government agencies, nonprofits and business leaders yields projects that have greater impact than any of us can achieve working independently.

Following on the heels of our Early Childhood Summit in February, we will take the lessons learned through that gathering as well as the wisdom of statewide leaders in Early Childhood and utilize them in a Strategic Planning meeting May 7 & 8 at the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch. We plan to develop a list of next steps to make the most strategic investments we can. Stay tuned for more information on this gathering.

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