The Advancing Early Childhood Education Alliance (AECEA) is changing its name to Funders for Montana’s Children to better encapsulate our mission.

Children are Priority One

 Funders for Montana’s Children believes that our most precious resource is our children and that we must help support Montana families and communities that are working to foster quality opportunities for every child.

  • Every parent, grandparent, and caring adult wants our children to be happy and healthy, to thrive, to grow, to learn, to be all that they can be.
  • Children are learning at a rate far faster than at any other time in their lives. During these critical years, the architecture of the brain is literally being built.
  • Investing in children today not only saves money down the line; it also builds positive outcomes for generations to come.
  • Funders for Montana’s Children seeks to spark dialogue and listen to communities about what early childhood policy directives are most needed in their communities as well as helping to educate the public, business leaders and policymakers on the critical importance of early childhood issues.
  • By encouraging awareness and conversation we hope to increase diverse investment and grow quality development opportunities for Montana’s youngest citizens.

We will be updating our webpage, etc. soon.

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