We are a small family foundation with limited staffing and do not accept unsolicited proposals. We ask that you only submit an application if you are a current grantee or we have requested one.

The Environmental Fund accepts applications on a rolling deadline.

Environmental Fund applications are not currently accepted on-line. Please submit applications as instructed by the trustees.

Questions to help you prepare your application can be found in our application worksheet.


Reports are due within 13 months of the date your grant was issued.

If you already have a grant with us and are applying for a grant for an additional year, the easiest way to submit a report is to answer the reporting questions at the end of the application. These questions can be found on the application worksheet.

If you would like to submit a report separate from your application, please feel free. Reports should be submitted as instructed by the trustees.

To help prepare your report, please see our reporting worksheet.