Applying organizations must meet the following criteria-

  • Have tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code or where appropriate under section 170 (c)
  • Be an organization with which one or more of the Trustees are directly familiar*
  • Be an organization which provides support to our target population or
  • Be an organization which works to build the capacity of such organizations

Religious organizations and governmental entities may apply as long as funding will be used in line with our mission and be used for the public good.

*Trustees become familiar with organizations through their personal and professional contacts. Introductions may not be solicited.

Ineligible organizations/requests

  • Organizations with which a board or staff member has no direct knowledge,
  • For-profit organizations (exceptions may apply),
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is lobbying or other activities prohibited by government 501(c)(3) regulations,
  • Individuals
  • Capital or construction requests